Dual White Light Headlamp 1000 Lumens

Dual White Light Headlamp 1000 Lumens

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Strong enough to withstand any extreme adventure this light will not disappoint. Complete with two XM-L2 LED which are one of the best and brightest LED lights on the market. Fully adjustable head strap provides unprecedented comfort and with 180 degree adjustability making any task convenient and easy to maneuver. 

  • XM-L2 LED - Extremely bright 
  • 2 x 3350mAh Rechargeable Battery so you always got a fresh extra battery.
  • 180 Degree Adjustability
  • 1000 Lumen Output
  • 6061 Machined Aluminum
  • IPX6 Water Resistant
  • White light hour run time: Ultra 6-8 hours, Medium 8-11 hours, Low 11-13 hours
  • Weights only 90 Grams without battery
  • Modes includes Low, High light, 5 level Dimming, Fast Blinking, SOS and Slow blinking
  • Handy EVA carry case 

This is the only light you will need in the backcountry that will outlast and get you through any environment! 

For long last life of battery please charge prior to first use.